Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things you shud do in 2011before it's too late

Dont Take it seriously:

1. Climb mount Kinabalu- Cost approx RM1,000 all in from KK (mampu milik)
2. See orang utan in the wild- From RM2,000 all in at the luxury Danum Valley (way so expensive)
3. Discover the see gypsies of Borneo 
4. Spend a night in the jungle - Nyamuk nyamuk nyamuk
5. Swing thru the treetops of Langkawi - Diusahakan
6. Ride a bike in Genting Highland - Naik kereta pun dah pening 
7. Sample the highlife in the Cameron Highland - Strawberry, strawberry and strawberry and pening *Again
8. Learn to DIVE - Snorkeling done, now its a good time for diving
9. Go white water rafting - Takut lemas
10. Visit Taman Negara - Bila sebut Taman Negara automaticly recall someone that fimiiar with Tmn Negara
11. Take an acrobatic flight - afraid with heights
12. Learn to rock climb - Need a strong muscle
13. Get closer to an elephant - Kuala Gandah maybe?
14. See the world from a microlight - Chiang Mai had a great view 
15. Visit Angkor Wat - Kene ajak Kak Ya dan Cik z
16. Go to the Himalayas - Cold
17. Visit Beijing - Halal food?
18. Kayak Phang Nga Bay at sunset - Kayak kat PD pon blom lulus lagi
19. Follow philosophers Path around Kyoto - Tokyo! Tokyo!
20. Track up a volcano - Dengar je dah gerun
21. Ski and make a snow man - Snow? impossible
22. Visit the killing fields and S21 prison - No comment
23. Visit the remote hill of Northern Laos - Sekali lagi Kak ya n Cik Z needed

Ps: Tak pelu complete it within a year, Gila

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