Friday, June 29, 2012

Tips membeli kemeja

No.1 The Italians' Secret?

Style Note: Ever wonder why Italian gentlemen have an air of invincibility about them in their shirting? Forget sprezzatura and forget je ne sais quoi -- it’s all in the stitching. If you want to sport a leaner, Milano-worthy figure, opt for a European-cut shirt with darting in the back.

No.2 French Cuffs Are A Privilege

Style Note: Consider cufflinks your price of admission. And, when you keep your shirt fitted, they can err on the cooler -- and bolder -- side of conservative.

No.3 Your Secret Sartorial Weapon

Style Note: A complementary scarf adds warmth and punch.

No.4 On Collars

Style Note: Keep an eye on the collars you buy -- they have a large say in the image your shirting presents. If, for instance, your ties lean on the skinny end of the spectrum, keep your collars small and consider button-downs. Likewise, if you want a more powerful, conservative air, a classic British spread-collar will serve you well. Our favourite shirting option? The semi-spread. Because why restrict your options?

No.5 A Few Rules To Remember

- You should be able to fit two fingers under your shirt collar -- no more, no less.
- Never have more than two buttons of your shirt unbuttoned. (No, not even if you just hit a new bench-press PB.)
- If you have a tie on, your shirt is tucked.
- Actually, your shirt is always tucked.

No.6 On Fit

Style Note: First things first: if you think you’re wearing a perfect fit out of the store, every time, you’re sartorially naïve. There’s a difference between having a nice shirt on and actually wearing a nice shirt. (Hint: it’s your tailor.) Whether it’s bringing in pirate-sized sleeves or an anti-billow dart in the sides or back, there’s always a way to make a shirt look like it was hand-stitched for you. And shouldn’t every shirt appear so?

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