Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adakah Kaki anda berbau sampah?

Why do feet stink? Feet get smelly due to an imbalance in bacteria. Bacteria love dark, damp environments. What better place to go than your feet? Bacteria multiply in sweat - so going sock-less is an open invitation for these critters. They'll make a meal of your skin cells and foot oil and multiply into colonies of criminally offensive odor. What you may not know is that the waste product of bacteria is the smell - not the bacteria itself. Micrococcus sedentarius is the name for the creatures that create the crud. One important thing to know about foot odor is, the better the quality of shoes and socks you wear, the lower your chances of stinky feet get. Quality shoes made of non-plastic materials resist the introduction of these smelly intruders - and high-quality moisture wicking socks can help keep your feet dry. Another way to avoid the smell is to wear more shoes. It's a great excuse to go shopping, and the reason is completely valid. Think of all the Nike shoes styles you can own, like a pair of Nike black basketball shoes. If you have a few days between wearings, your shoes will have time to dry completely to ward off attacks of those pesky producers of stink.

Farid kata: kaki bau sampah tak pe, jangan bermulut sampah, hebat

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