Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Deal With Someone Who Really Annoys You

Practice talking to them in the mirror. Try different ways of telling them that they annoy you without sounding too harsh. Work on your facial expressions so that you don't look too mean.

Talk to a close friend about it, they could calm you down if you get too steamed.

Tell them nicely when they start to annoy you, as you practiced. Don't shout at them or say anything you might regret, just explain that their behavior is sometimes quite annoying and you hope they are not insulted. When you first tell them, be nice about it and hopefully they will understand and stop being annoying.

If they still don't stop annoying you, say something. It could be something like, "The way you act around me is annoying me" or "Could you please stop it?". Still say it nicely, but firmly.

Back yourself up with a friend who knows about your situation. If the person starts annoying you, tell your friend or give them a sign such as rolling your eyes, and then your friend could create an excuse for both of you to walk away from the person. Don't make it really obvious that you are trying to get away from the person, or they will think you are mean, especially if they do not mean to annoy you.

If all the above fail, try to avoid the person around school or wherever you see them. Try to avoid talking to them and then maybe they will realize that you don't want to talk to them anymore and they will stop it.

Try not to lose your temper with them. Visualize somewhere calm and try to breathe slowly so that you don't start shouting at them, especially at school. Walk away from any situation where you are getting angry and if they follow you, tell them firmly that you don't want to talk to them.

Remember that they might not be purposely annoying you, it might just be one of their characteristics. People could find some things that you do annoying, so don't be too harsh to the person or you could offend them and upset them. If you feel the situation is starting to get out of control, if they are getting angry for example, walk away or a fight could break out.

If they don't get the message, and still annoy you and your friends, tell them you need some "us time". Tell them that for a little while, you want to spend some time with your other friends, and suggest they look for other friends too. Suggest it nicely though. You don't want to sound rude.

Sumber: Wikihow

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