Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hate that love this, to my beloved phone

*hitam itu menawan*
Love bout it:
- Superfast, thanx for the A6 chip
- Tons of app
- Nipis, senang masuk poket
- Panorama function, gila suka
- Comes with the new earpod!

Hate bout it:
- No return button like my previous notes
- Batery drain cepat gila babs #used to carry my charger all the time
- Lightning connector as a charger, seriously ini menyusahkan sbb gua ada byk ipad cable and it seems useless
- There's many thing to think bout, like turning off everything (ie: wifi, blutooth, location service) just to save your battery life, ini sucks
- Sometimes it feel like just a piece of metal sbb design simple gila

Actually bought this thru my dad maxis account, gila murah. But it come with 2 years contract. Never mind, duduk diam diam for the next two years T_T

Farid kata: Mula merindui my lovey dovey notes #lilbit


TiNiE said...

jom swap nak? hahahaha

farikh said...

err err err *terus pengsan

mama-syira said...

Iphone 4 akak ni macam nak rosak je *alasan* hahahahha

farikh said...

lets iphone5 kak

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