Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bizarre things do happen, count on it

Last few day ada baca dalam paper bout this nenek been robbed but yang merompak baik hati bagi rm20 dan mintak halal barang yang dirompak?! wtf! wtf! Think that perompak was pathetic psycho. 

@ roti canai in a single meal?! no cool, really not cool, nampak macam sekeping sahaja, but believe me, not mine. That dal was super awesome seriously.

Using that camerabag apps filter and my photo turn into this weird shape+ weird filter. Never mind, it was free apps, and u guys shud try it. Oh and also try apps like KCrop and Typic, was a good free apps. Will review it later in next blog post.

This is my first step untuk mengelakkan perut dari terus membesar or in major word is boncet. Try to avoid lunch and take early dinner, really do hope it will come out as superb procurement or else a good result. Pssttt do fries contain high carbo?! damn it #majormistake

Farid kata: Ada baca bout tips in instagram that mention, "stop taking photo of ur gross lunch"?! omg

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