Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekend board of whatever

This is what im doin' for the whole 4 days of CNY holiday, kinda sad or bored or whatever, but love ur life before it turn against you one day #rubbish

Dalam jamban and can't deal with short long hair issue, ya la hair grows so what kan? sarang burung style

Ramai orang tak percaya gua tak boleh menunggang motosikal? such a big deal? i'll proof it one day la, chewah

@one of the atm machine, seriously whats wrong with these people these day, first u got an option to print it out that stupid receipt, second if you really needed it then print it, but, there always a "but" if really need it, then throw it away its not an option. Trust me. #majoridiot

Windmill surely serve the best hot choc in Tanah Melayu, u guys shud try it, seriously seriously it taste like having sex for the first time lolololol lame! farid lame!

Farid kata: Eh btw, Happy Chinese New Year!


Mya said...

kau mmg tak blh bwk motor kan?

farikh said...

yo, itu bener

Unknown said...

yup..saya pun selalu tegur adik saya, if u really-2 need that receipt for do your 'balance sheet and income statement' then print it..kalau tak nak, dun waste paper...


farikh said...

yeap totally agreed, kalau nak print sangat pls simpan baik baik

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