Friday, December 10, 2010


Admit it.
Yes im guilty.
But have u ever think what have u done to my life?
Never. Not even a single thought

Do i really keep thinking everything?

Considered a sweet memory?
Absolutely not, not a single piece

Have you ever smile when u start thinking bout me?
Yes, yes u are, being cynical is good

Do i really concern for every each thing in ur life?
Not sure, no idea bout that, but yes i'm being cynical *again*

But what happen when a cheater meet a liar?
I mean a big liar

Do they really belong meant together?
Surely it wont work for me

Kinda weird and itchy


TiNiE said...

uiihh speaking london adik aku..

farikh said...

Small matter kak ahaks

sW33tdARLiNG said...

uuuhh masalah dalaman ni.. susah nak tafsir..

farikh said...

Kak sweet: renung renungkannn hehe

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