Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do and don't men's flip flop


1. Clean-up your feet
Face it, your feet haven’t seen the light of day in six months so do everyone a favor and clean them up. If you're brave you can have a pedicure, if not scrub and make them shine.
2. Buy the right sized flip-flops

You don’t want to be falling out the back of them or tripping over them on your way to the beach.

3. Wear the right pair with the right outfit 

Wearing cheap, foam men’s flip-flops to the beach is cool, wearing them on a first date with khakis and an expensive shirt is not. Have a few pairs to choose from and dress the part. 


1. Don't wear flip-flops to work

You’re there to get a job done and earn respect. It’s tough to do that when everyone is focused on your toe jam. On an unrelated note, this goes for tank-tops too.

2. Don't wait to buy a new pair:
They’re pretty inexpensive so make sure and buy a new pair a year or at least every other year. Remember, you wear them in the summer and sweat like heck. They get nasty. 
3. Don't ever wear socks with flip-flops

I shouldn’t have to even say this, but I did see it twice last year. Mistakes like this hurt us all. 

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