Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brisk Weekend

*toilet?! yeah its toilet laaa*

Saturday, and i'm in office. Nothing much u can do here. Hopefully not Sunday. Wah keep smiling pretend there's nothing happen? Ya lorh happy then smile la.

Few day's back, goin' to a toy shop, and fish helicopter? Wth, and it's Nemo?! This shop got tons and tons of toys, but i'm sure it is not like toys r us, nothing can beat toys r us. Sally bought this tiny helicopter and obviously not this nemo thingy la. It is like miniature as for me way too expensive. Nevertheless sally kaya.

*I laugh so hardly when it comes to that nose part, seriously no nose filling pls*
Last week kak farah did notice me bout this app, iMadeFace. kinda apps that can create ur face into this type cartoonish thing. I thought that this app work after u import ur photos then turn it magically, unluckily its NOT. Lol. U have to choose gazillion type of hair, face shape, eye brow and many thing then put it together and wallah it turn into ur face, not exactly perfect but nearly seem look like. This apps is free.  Ps: Alex said "that pics look like u maa" err hello for sure la look like me lol

Farid kata: A guy with girly butt?! damn its funny

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